About Us


Matthew Medaglia is an attorney in Staten Island New York. He has received a J.D. as well as  LL.M. in tax law from New York University and an M.B.A. from Baruch University. Before starting his solo law practice, Matthew spent ten years at a fortune 100 company creating risk management solutions.

Matthew Medaglia is licensed in New York and New Jersey.

Our Vision

The Law Offices of Matthew F Medaglia were started with the intention of serving clients who are traditionally ignored by the large law firms. Entrepreneurs starting a small family business, working to middle class families approaching retirement, first responders and military personnel who protect us on a daily basis, all have issues where an attorney can provide valuable guidance. We are here to help you grow your assets now, and protect those assets so they can remain in your family.


We combine a knowledge of business, law and taxation to analyze your goals and issues from multiple angles. The result of this combination are strategies that push for high returns while minimizing tax burdens and avoiding excessive risk. 


We believe that purchasing legal services does not have to be mysterious or excessive. Many of our services have the option of an upfront fixed price or hourly billing. 

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